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Baby Photography, Newborn photography & Maternity Photography by the Yorkshire Family Portrait Photographer.

It’s an absolute pleasure to photograph newborn babies and to capture the little wonders in the first few days of life. We love to capture the helplessness and total dependance they have on Mum and Dad; the natural instincts stirred in all of us to care and nurture. Capturing your child at this stage in his or her life is a wonderful thing to be involved in. Portraying the unconditional love, the total dependance on you as parents, the hopes and dreams you have for the newest and most amazing new person in your life. Thats what we aim to do with our portrait photography and thats exactly what we do for you at your own New Born Photography session.

New Born Photography, Baby photography Harrogate, York Baby & Maternity Photographer.

For newborn sessions we always allow around 2 – 3 hours, ample to feed and change baby if needed (we have a separate room for this for privacy).  For newborn and baby photography sessions we work around your childs schedule and look to create some pictures with baby awake and some sleeping.  Our favourite time to photograph new born babies is in the first week or so after birth whilst they still have that lovely bump curl and its just wonderful to photograph them when they are sleeping.

Our newborn sessions usually take place in your own home.  As with all our photography sessions, there is a creation fee due before your photography session, but Andy will go through all your options and help you choose which would be best for you and your family when he comes to meet you.

We don’t encourage parents to bring older siblings to the newborn session if at all possible (although they are more than welcome to the bump session!) because we find that they often get over excited or bored and this disrupts the whole atmosphere of your session.  We offer another shoot to include siblings which we suggest should take place from around 3 months onwards to ensure you have a different “look” to your baby pictures.


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